Comproiect promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of our activity by enhancing knowledge and developing a positive work culture as well as by maintaining and developing the Integrated Management System, with the highest regard to all the HSE aspects engineering involves.

The operational excellence of Comproiect team is the key driver towards the realization of the Company’s strategy. The strategy took shape by analyzing the market inputs through a participative process. The involvement and the 100% commitment to engineering excellence was framed both at corporate and operational levels. The involvement of all Comproiect professional body results in perfecting the oil & gas engineering paradigm guaranteeing state of the art results, encompassing all the aspects of the project, all the way across the lifecycle in the most effective way. In today’s highly competitive global market, Comproiect successfully meets the increasing demands of customers by the continuous improvement of products and services. With clearly defined and well communicated strategy gives Comproiect the best opportunity to fully utilize all the resources, the professional working to meet the set goals.

Our clients take full advantage of the uncensored knowledge transfer the Comproiect engineering task forces carry out onsite during each project work stages. This became one of the reasons why clients rely on us for future engineering services.
Comproiect became the client’s first choice, the first to be called contractor in oil & gas engineering by proving highly competitive, focused on greatly improving processes and productivity.
Comproiect has translated the values the professional body is committed to into the very essence of engineering excellence: the desire to identify the best solutions through the strength of innovation and knowledge energized by experience, generating a top standard level of performance in respect of the clients.