Comproiect counts on a professional body of over 60 engineering senior specialists.

Comproiect relays on its professional body specializing in Oil and Gas Process, Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering services. The specialists contribute to building the Company’s solid reputation.

The Company is fully responsible of reinforcing the engineering team and encourages young graduates to approach the most reliable path to meet their most ambitious career objectives by entering Comproiect engineering team. There’s always need of new entrants in the engineering field and Comproiect provides training and facilitates the knowledge transfer in order to ensure a solid foundation for the Company’s development and market position reinforcement.

Therefore training is a constant factor in providing high performance results. It develops and supports performance, giving access to the most daring career objectives one may have. Comproiect is responsibly committed in supplying its employees the adequate means to succeed in overcoming the existing performance levels: training nurtures the professionals’ skills by providing deep understanding, and guaranteeing the excellence in engineering is a constant trait of all Comproiect services.